Freshworks’ AI Engine ‘Freddy’ Launched in India


The company claims that Freddy is an AI engine platform that can enhance the sales, support and marketing capabilities of businesses

Freshworks, a US based customer engagement software company, announced the launch of an AI engine that can enhance the sales, support and marketing capabilities of businesses of all sizes. Christened ‘Freddy’, the AI engine leverages Google’s AI technology Google Assistant in order to help businesses resolve customer issues.

The company is claiming that ‘Freddy’ is capable of resolving customer issues more effectively and efficiently through a mix of human and machine-based voice interactions.


Girish Mathrubootham, founder and CEO of Freshworks, said, “Traditional enterprise AI platforms have been too intimidating and complex to understand and implement. They certainly haven’t been easy to use for customers or their representatives at the front lines of customer service, preventing businesses from achieving the full benefits of AI. Freddy removes that complexity and frustration by delivering timely customer information for representatives and instantly answering questions anytime or anywhere customers need support.”

Simplified solutions

Trained to make the life of end users and human agents easy, Freddy offers channel agnostic contextual self-service to customers. Freshworks claims that it is also capable of troubleshooting customer queries in a systematic manner, proactively.

Freddy learns from past customer interactions and replies automatically to common queries in form of chat, emails, voice-calls and social media.

If in case Freddy is unable to resolve customer queries, then they are routed to a live agent accompanied by complete context of the conversation and all relevant customer information.

Already integrated with Flipkart’s PhonePe

Already integrated with Flipkart’s PhonePe, Freshworks’s AI Engine ‘Freddy’ had made its India debut about a year ago.

Vishal Gupta, head of product at PhonePe explaining about Freddy said, “We adopted Freshworks’ Freddy Omnibot platform for a highly automated and personalized customer experience. We have been using it for a year and can confidently say that we have accomplished most of what we had in mind.”



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