Freezer and air duster


Electrolube added two new products—FREH freezer, a powerful refrigerant, and the EADH air duster to its product range which have been developed without the use of harmful gases.

Features and USPs: Both products contain a novel hydrofluorocarbon propellant with improved environmental properties. The propellant used in the FREH and EADH can reduce the equivalent CO2 emissions by 99.5 per cent. FREH Freezer is a non-flammable, non-corrosive refrigerant used as a safe and quick way of cooling small electronic and electrical components, lowering temperatures to at least -50 °C in just seconds. The product has also been developed to detect faulty soldered joints and overheating parts, and with its added extension tube, it aids easy access to difficult to reach areas. The EADH air duster helps to remove all dust and airborne contamination from fragile or inaccessible areas on electrical and electronic equipment.

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