Flexible multi-mounter


Leaptech Corporation has added to its product range I-PULSE, a Yamaha Motor group’s new high speed and flexible multi-mounter pick & place machine model M20.

Features & USP: The new M20 launched by I-PULSE follows on the same platform of M10 and can handle component sizes from 01005 to 120 x 90 mm. The standard 2.0 mega pixel digital multi-scan digital camera offers true on the fly vision with zero time loss, Image capture of components is done at a speed of 3000 mm/sec, one of the fastest in the market today. High brightness LED illumination and a high speed shutter avoids blurred images and delivers highly accurate placement of components.

The M20 is just 1,750 mm in width and can handle PCB size upto 1,240 x 510 mm, compact size, industry leading board handling capability offers customers excellent solution for assembly of products like high density telecom boards, LCD/LED TV boards, motherboards, etc. Maximum component height that can be handled is 30 mm, that is another plus point for this machine compared to other machines in the market. This model could be selected with 72 tape feeder bank, or 144 tape feeder bank or a combination of 72 tape feeder bank and 80-tray feeder bank or 108 tape feeder bank and 40-tray feeder bank, making it a very flexible mounting centre.

For further details: Ph: 022 – 27562822 /27562849; [email protected], [email protected]; www.leaptech.in



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