Fire detection and alarm systems


In August 2011, Honeywell launched a new series of Morley-IAS detectors in India. Morley-IAS is a brand known for fire detection and alarm systems.

Features and USP: DX-ConneXion and S200A are new product lines in the Morley-IAS line. The latest system boasts of an enhanced version of DX-ConneXion control panels and S200A sensors, which will help detect a fire in the most advanced way and at an earlier stage. DX-ConneXion is a fire detection and alarm control panel and works like the brain of the system. While S200A is a series of field sensors, which sense fire-related signals like smoke, heat, flame, etc. The field sensors are connected to the control panel, which is the main decision-making unit. Hence, what the field sensor detects and passes to the control panel prompts the system to act accordingly.

DX-ConneXion offers features like a large liquid crystal display with the company logo, fault tolerant redundant ring networking, tactile fast responsive navigation keys and enhanced aesthetics. The new S200A series comes with a completely new smoke detection chamber design and advanced protocol, which deliver improved responsiveness along with better immunity to false alarms due to dust and the ingress of insects and other debris, thus offering a much improved sensing mechanism.

For further details: Honeywell International (I) Pvt Ltd; Ph: 022 67650721; [email protected]

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