Film technology


In April 2012, MacDermid Autotype developed an innovative film technology that combines the benefits of hard coated PET films with the cosmetic advantages of brushed stainless steel, effectively turning plastic into steel.

Features and USP: Called Autotex Steel, this new material has an ink receptive layer on the reverse surface and a specially developed hard coated outer layer, which is chemically bonded and UV cured. The hard coat layer has a textured finish which, when the film is printed on the reverse with standard metallic or newly developed mirror inks, creates the appearance of a brushed stainless steel panel. The film is easy to handle and print, combining high levels of colour reproduction and definition with a tough outer surface that offers excellent resistance to abrasion, surface impact and a wide range of chemicals and solvents. Embossing makes Autotex Steel ideal for use with domed tactile membrane keypads or in applications where keys or panel areas need to have raised edges, as the material has an excellent flex modulus, with a typical life for domed keys in excess of five million actuations.

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