EPCOS India Pvt. Ltd Name Changed To TDK India Pvt. Ltd


TDK Corporation announces that it has changed the name of its subsidiary
EPCOS India Private Limited (EPCOS India) to TDK India Private Limited (TDK India) with effect from December 13, 2018.

The name change took place within the scope of renaming of all EPCOS entities worldwide after EPCOS AG, the parent company of the EPCOS Group, was renamed to TDK Electronics AG on October 1, 2018. This change will further strengthen the uniform market presence of the TDK Group in India.

The new company name will have no effect on the EPCOS product portfolio, the
organizational and business structure of the company, or the scope of its services.
TDK Corporation has been present in India since 2008 when it acquired EPCOS AG, and with it EPCOS India. TDK India has a network of design and manufacturing locations for film capacitors and ferrites and sales offices all over the country. In fiscal 2018 (ending in March) the company employed more than 2200 people and posted sales of more than INR 800+ Crores.



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