Energy Efficiency initiatives by EESL help India save over 3,700 crore kWh of energy consumption

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Energy efficiency initiatives being implemented by Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) have cumulatively led to energy savings of over 3,700 crore kWh and a reduction of 3 crore tonnes of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

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The World Bank President Jim Yong Kim, at the One Planet Summit in Paris, singled out the work done by EESL in the space of Energy Efficiency and called out EESL as a Star Performer. He highlighted that through the concentrated efforts of the government to push energy efficiency, the expansion of LED bulbs and tubelights will have, by mid-2019, saved up to 20 GW of electricity capacity, that would otherwise have been generated from coal.

Under the Government of India’s Unnat Jyoti by Affordable LEDs for All (UJALA) programme, EESL has successfully distributed over 28 crore LED bulbs, 43.9 crore LED tubelights and 14.3 lakh BEE 5-star energy efficient fans across the country. Apart from this, EESL has also retrofitted over 41 lakh street lights, illuminating over 50,000 kilometers of Indian roads under the Street Lighting National Programme (SLNP), and has undertaken retrofitting drives in over 90 buildings as part of the Buildings Energy Efficiency Programme. Energy being saved as a result of implementation of these initiatives has resulted in reduction of over 3 crore tonnes of CO2, and is therefore equivalent to saving over 2,200 crore tonnes of coal to generate electricity. These savings translate into energy sufficiency to light up close to 70 lakh households in the country.

Saurabh Kumar, Managing Director, EESL said, “EESL’s business model has incentives for all stakeholders and deliver outcomes in a time bound manner to enable more. It has the power to unlock demand in sectors, where none existed and therefore EESL is able to drive large-scale initiatives to create market for disruptive solutions. It is due to our Business Models that the international fraternity is now acknowledging our efforts in the space of Energy Conservation and mitigating Climate change”.

EESL aims to propel India towards meeting its growth and development goals while aligning with the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) to reduce the Emissions Intensity of its GDP by 33-35 per cent by 2030. EESL functions with the belief that it is essential to adopt a market-led approach to make efficient and future ready technology solutions accessible, affordable, and available. The company is driven by the objective of enabling more efficiency, more innovation, and more excellence towards enabling rapid adoption of these transformative solutions. It is with this objective of enabling more, that EESL has set foot in areas such as e-mobility and smart grid connectivity.

The initiatives implemented by EESL are worthy of global recognition and replicability. They have demonstrated exceptional potential to save and conserve energy, which is leading to reduction in the country’s overall carbon footprint and helping make many other countries energy efficient.


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