Electronics manufacturer Aimtron moves to Palatine


manufacturingThursday, July 24, 2014: Electronics manufacturer Aimtron recently moved to Palatine. The move was marked by a ceremony at the company’s new world headquarters and was attended by customers, business associates and well-wishers all gathered here to celebrate the momentous occasion.

Founded five years ago by Mukesh Vasani, Aimtron is known for manufacturing specialised computer hardware for a variety of industries like medicine, gaming, green technologies, agriculture, commercial. The company also builds hardware for the US military. The company has witnessed tremendous rise in a very short time. Originally stationed in Streamwood, Aimtron’s new headquarters on the 500 block of Vermont Street is nearly 44,000 square feet. Meanwhile, Palatine has accepted Aimtron with arms wide open. “They could go anywhere they want not only in the USA but in the world. (When) a world-class headquarters for a company such as Aimtron, stays here in the village of Palatine, is something tremendously exciting for us.” Palatine Mayor Jim Schwantz was quoted as saying.

The ceremony was also attended by State representatives Tom Morrison and Elaine Nekritz. An ecstatic Vasani said their success was the result of their dedication to offer high quality products. “Our strategy is to use only state of the art, high-speed, robotic equipment which will allow us to compete with offshore manufacturers. This allows us and our valued customers to continue to say the product is still proudly ‘made in the U.S.A.'” Vasani was quoted as saying.