Electronics expos: An active form of marketing


By Richa Chakravarty

India has gradually become a hotspot for major expositions. Gone are the days when there used to be just one or two major events throughout the year. The latest trend indicates that exhibitions have become one of the major marketing tools to not only showcase products and services, but also do brand building. And some of the major cities hosting these expos, particularly in the electronics domain, are Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai and Chennai.

Between December 2010 and February 2011, Delhi itself will witness four major events—LED Expo, Componex Nepcon, Electronics Next and EFY Expo 2011—and all share the same venue, Pragati Maidan. Some recently concluded exhibitions are Electronica India and Productronica India held in Bengaluru; Expo Comm India—the world’s leading telecom and broadband technology event, Automation India, Smartcards Expo and BiometricsIndia Expo, which were organised in Mumbai; and Open Source India organised by the EFY Group in Chennai.

And all these exhibitions have been quite successful. For example, the latest renewable energy expo—DIREC 2010—organised by the Government of India, had 650 exhibitors from 71 countries and footfalls were quite high.


How helpful are these events

With these events being organised on such a large scale, one can understand the role they play in strengthening the market position and brand of a company. This medium is effective for both exhibitors and visitors. For exhibitors, it is a good place to establish new contacts not only with customers but primarily with retail and wholesale buyers who generate business. Though the main aim of expanding the current business remains the same for all exhibitors, an expo can be fruitful for market studies as well. Here a company has open, direct and immediate access to potential business partners, besides the opportunity to study its competitors. The exhibitors can utilise this opportunity to build their brand, highlight their range of products and get first hand reactions from the large audience that they are targeting.

For the visitors, it is a good opportunity to learn about the latest developments in their particular field of interest. One can find new products and technologies and can also make a buying decision. Visitors have the opportunity to experience, first hand, the products that are being offered in the market. Also, they are at an advantage as they have an option to choose from a wide range of products that suits their requirements and budget—all at one place.

Let’s look at what industry experts have to say about these expos.

How useful are these expos?

How can you make best use of these expos?

Ankush Shah, business development manager, Infostep India Pvt Ltd (The company recently participated in Smartcard Expo 2010, organised in Mumbai in Sept)

These focused events are quite helpful in promoting business. Although they might not yield immediate results, in the long run, they’re beneficial. They help in expanding business by creating mass awareness. Participation in such expos also helps in brand building. Under one roof, you can advertise and reach out to a focused and larger audience, which is lacking otherwise.

One can use this medium to the maximum—gaining the clients’ attention by offering new discount offers. Also, one gets enough opportunity to display the entire range of products the company deals in.

VRS Charan, manager, marketing and sales, Tvasta ID India (P) Ltd —The company manufactures RFID systems.

These events are meant for interacting and learning about the latest developments in a particular field. These events do add momentum to a business’ growth and help in converting stall visits into business deals. In fact, they can help growth to an extent of 10 per cent.

These expos are the right place to launch new products and systems, as one has a large audience.

Shyam Jindal, MD, Olive Exports India Pvt Ltd,

The company designs, develops and manufactures high quality LED lighting products. It will partticipate in EFY Expo 2011.

Buyers get a first hand experience of the wide range of products displayed at the event, which is far better than browsing the Net or flipping through trade magazines. Also, it helps in promoting and expanding our business but, most importantly, the customer comes to know about the company’s credentials.

Demonstrating the wide range of products is one way of promoting business. But what really counts is performance, interaction and the exchange of information, which both visitors and exhibitors can enjoy at such events.

Sudipta Chatterjee, branch manager, Qmax Test Equipments Pvt Ltd–Qmax is a manufacturer of T&M equipment.

These focused events help to learn about the actual strengths of the industry, and in expanding not just business turnover but also in creating business links. At the same time, they offer immense exposure. This is one place where you interact, elaborate and demonstrate your potential.

Ravi Pagar, Farnell Electronics India Ltd

The company is a manufacturer and distributor of semiconductors.

These events are a good option for the industry to come together, share and showcase ideas and technological advancements.

One can best utilise this medium to gain knowledge in terms of business opportunities as well as mutually benefit each other.

Harsh Parikh, senior manager, partnership management, Infineon Technologies Pvt Ltd. The company is into innovative technology development.

Such events are expected to play a major role in helping participants crystalise new ideas, engender product innovation and discover potential market.

These events help foster entrepreneurship and also introduce the industry with innovative solutions, so one should make the best use of this.



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