EFY Tech Center announces tie-up with Agilent


By Richa Chakravarty

Agilent's N1913A EPM Series Single-Channel Power Meter

With a common objective of empowering students by giving them maximum exposure to the latest equipment available in the market, EFY Tech Center and Agilent Technologies India Pvt Ltd has announced a tie-up.

Since its inception in 2008, EFY Tech Center has been imparting practical, short term certificate courses to various students from engineering colleges. It has also provided hands-on training to professional engineers from corporate houses and even government organisations, etc. With its hands-on training courses, like the basics of electronics, robotics, microcontrollers and PCB design, EFY Tech Center fills in the gap between industry and the class room. It prepares students to be industry-ready, and what better way than to expose them to the state of art equipment offered by Agilent that is deployed across various verticals.

With the largest installation base in India of the latest and most high-end equipment, Agilent is the preferred choice for the EFY Tech Center to source its equipment to train students. Agilent’s focus on measurements helps scientists, researchers and engineering students to address their toughest challenge with precision and confidence.


“The tie-up will not only enhance our labs, but also reinforce engineers’ knowledge base by exposing them to the broadest range of the innovative and latest measurement solutions in the industry,” informs Ramesh Chopra, managing director, EFY Enterprises Pvt Ltd.



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