Eatron Tech And Syntiant Launch AI-Powered BMS Chip


A low-power solution enhances battery capacity by 10%, increases lifespan by up to 25%, and improves safety. Its optimized and cost-effective design facilitates integration and shortens time-to-market.

A newly developed system-on-chip, emerging from a collaborative effort between battery management specialist Eatron Technologies and edge AI pioneer Syntiant, offers an all-in-one solution addressing the demands of battery performance and safety across light mobility, industrial, and consumer electronics sectors.

This AI-enabled Battery Management System (BMS) integrated on a single chip enhances battery capacity by 10% and extends its life by up to 25%, while significantly reducing the product’s time-to-market. The system combines the advanced capabilities of Eatron’s Intelligent Software Layer with the energy-efficient Neural Decision Processor from Syntiant, ensuring high performance and cost-effectiveness.

Eatron’s sophisticated pre-trained models are capable of delivering accurate assessments of battery health, charge levels, and lifespan right out of the box, maximizing the utilization of available power. Advanced predictive diagnostics within the system proactively identify potential battery failures, thereby improving safety.

Utilizing the powerful NDP120 from Syntiant, the AI-BMS-on-chip functions efficiently at the edge, facilitating real-time analytics and decisions on the device itself without dependence on extensive cloud infrastructure, which often brings additional costs, delays, and energy demands.

This plug-and-play solution, co-developed by Eatron and Syntiant, promises to enhance the performance, safety, and durability of a broad array of battery-operated devices including consumer gadgets, electric bicycles, light commercial vehicles, and industrial forklifts. The chip can be customized through an intuitive toolchain to precisely fit various applications and is also compatible with existing BMS hardware for easy upgrades to top-tier performance.

Amedeo Bianchimano, Chief Product Delivery Officer at Eatron Technologies, discussed the integration, mentioning that their newest AI models are now fully operational on the edge within the Syntiant chip. This ensures the safe and efficient deployment of millions of battery-powered devices.

Mallik P. Moturi, Chief Business Officer at Syntiant Corp., emphasized the capabilities of the chip, explaining that their NDP120 processes all data on the edge. This enhancement not only increases battery life and safety but also improves overall performance, making it suitable for everything from small consumer devices to larger commercial vehicles.

Eatron and Syntiant are scheduled to showcase the AI-BMS-on-chip at The Battery Show Europe 2024, taking place from June 18th to 20th at Messe Stuttgart, Germany.


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