DoT Announces Licensing Exemption for Wireless Devices


Now you can easily start your business of wireless devices in India as the department of telecom (DoT) relaxes the requirement of licenses in this sector

The government has announced that an individual will not require a license to run his/her business of wireless devices operating in the low-frequency range. The government notification stated that one would not need a license to establish, maintain, work, possess or deal in any wireless equipment for low-frequency ranges. Bluetooth devices, wireless chargers, IoT and medical devices are the ones exempted from licensing.

Frequency ranges


Low frequency ranges from 302 to 435 KHz (kilohertz), 855 to 1050 KHz and 1.89 to 2.31 MHz frequency bands on non-interference, non-protection and shared (non-exclusive) basis have been laid out by the government notification. Individuals dealing with devices running in these bands will not need a license to run their business.

Ease of doing business

Pankaj Mohindroo, India Cellular and Electronics Association Chairman and National President (ICEA) views the decision as an improvement in the ease of doing business in India. India has been trying to climb the ranks in the global level in the ease of doing business index. DoT’s decision to exempt the wireless devices from requiring a license will aid in easier and faster adoption of emerging IoT and machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies in the country.



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