Digitek Introduces Two New Smart Car Charger Extenders for Universal Usage


The car charger extender is incorporated with intelligent circuit technology that represents safety and ease of use

Digitek, a leading Indian company in photographic and smartphone accessories, announced on Monday that it is launching two new models of car charger extender – DCE-96V and DCE-72V QC. These smart car charger extenders have been exclusively designed for universal usage and are compatible with most of the cars.

Fast and easy to use

The car charger extender is incorporated with intelligent circuit technology that represents safety and ease of use. The smart device provides quick service with its capability of fast charging. These car charging device offers convenience for charging devices to the rear seat passengers.

Commenting on the development, Amit Saraf, Managing Director, IMS Mercantiles Pvt Ltd – parent company of Digitek said, “Digitek has come up with these comfort enhancing devices that can charge up to four widgets at once, to make your adventures more entertaining and thrilling. The device can be easily used at the rear seats without any obstructions driving. Both the chargers use intelligent technology to ensure a safe and secure experience.”

Smart features for safe charging

The smart device can be easily plugged into the CLA clip of the car. It is available with a 6-feet cable that is accessible with the car charger ports from any corner. The device can charge four gadgets at a time as it is provided with four USB ports, two at the front seat and two at the back seat, with extended hub. These chargers are incorporated with smart safety systems to protect the gadgets from over charging, over current and overheating.

There is a built-in smart chip intelligent circuit in the device that can detect optimum charging current for the gadgets and delivers ideal power for safe charging experience. These devices can be used with 12V to 24V power supply the standard practice followed world over. The USB output current of these new model of chargers i.e.DCE-72V QC and DCE-96V is 7.2A and 9.6A, respectively, as per the specifications.

The new models of the devices are priced affordably at Rs 1095 for DCE-96V model and Rs 1195 for DCE-72V QC model. These devices are easily available at any mobile accessories and car accessories outlet and e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, etc.


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