Digital voice commands


Honeywell Life Safety (HLS), a business unit of Honeywell India, launched the notifier digital voice command (DVC) version 4, in February 2011, which works like the heart of an integrated, full-featured audio command centre.

The new version will now support additional amplifiers of the Digital Audio Loop (DAL) devices such as DAA2, DAX and BDA besides DAA, which earlier was the only amplifier supporting DVC. It will also support 33 multi-remote microphones, which is a winning feature in the new version of DVC. The earlier version of DVC supported only one remote microphone.

Features and USP: A more competitive digital audio offering; enhanced flexibility with more amplifier sizes; multiple configuration options; smaller audio zones with the right size of amplifier; a more effective bulk audio solution; increased audio power in less cabinet space; more options for MNS/ECS, etc. The DVC combines the capabilities of a powerful digital audio processor, an event driven audio message generator, and a router.

Application: It is designed for use with digital audio loop (DAL) amplifiers.


For further details: Ph: +91 22 6765 0722; [email protected]

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