Den-on Instruments' BGA/SMT rework system


Upgraded in December 2010, Qmax offers RD-500 III (an upgraded version of RD-500 II series), an advanced BGA rework system from Den-on Instruments, Japan, which has been designed for rework of lead free and eutectic solders.

Features and USP: The system ensures stable and safe rework of BGA and SMD components. It can handle small as well as large PCBs. The RD-500 comprises of a trouble free internal flash memory hard drive. The system uses three separate heaters and are suitable for lead free solder as well as conventional type. Long wave IR area heater is used to prevent PCB wraping. The systems two mode cooling and security lock out function prevents misuse. Its two point components can control auto profiling. Its convenient inspection function makes the system perfect for BGA applications. Five thermocouple inputs are also there to monitor the temperature at key points during the process. The system is a fully integrated from solder cream application to component placement. This semi-automatic system is useful for a wide variety of rework. The high resolution CCD camera and prism fixed in the optic arm helps in precise alignment/placement during rework process. The maximum PCB size which can be handled is 500 mm x 600 mm and the system can handle devices as small as 2mm and up to maximum of 50 mm. The placement accuracy is +/- 0.025 mm. The temperature setting range is from 0 to 650° C.

For further details: Qmax Test Technologies Pvt Ltd, 6, ELCOT Avenue, IT Highway, Sholinganallur, Chennai 600119; Ph: 044-24509627; Fax: 044-24509632; Email: [email protected]; Website:




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