Delhi has no system in place to handle electronic waste


New electronic waste management and handling rules were implemented across the country on May 1 this year. The new laws make it mandatory for producers of electronic goods to take back e-waste under the extended producers responsibility. However, Delhi, as one of the biggest producers of e-waste in the country and the biggest recycling hub, has yet to see any collection mechanism being put in place.

While most big corporate houses are sending their e-waste directly to authorized recyclers, barely any effort has been made by the industry to put together a collection process. “As far as we know, there is no such system in place so far. Even if there is one, very little sensitization has been done by the producers and manufacturers. Several multinational electronic companies are operating in India but none of them seem to have made any effort in this regard,” said Bharti Chaturvedi, director of NGO Chintan,  reportedly.



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