DC-DC converters


In November 2011, Recom will be launching its RPR converters, specifically tailored to meet the requirements of railway applications.

Features and USP: The new RPR converters work with full power at operating temperatures of -45°C to >+85°C without derating (Tx). The efficiency is greater than 89 per cent. These converters are very robust and EN61373 tested for 10G shock and vibration in all three axes. The series is power rated with 20, 30, 40 and 50 watts. The converters cover a wide input voltage range of 12 to 36, 25 to 75 and 40 to 160 VDC. Single output voltages of 3.3, 5, 12, 15 and dual output voltages of ±12, ±15 and ±24VDC are available as standard. RPR converters are available in three different case styles. The ‘ribbed case’ has an integrated heat sink, which is ideal for PCB mounting with convection cooling. The ‘flat case’ version is useful in low profile applications with limited headroom. The ‘base plate case’ version is used where the converters are screw mounted to the frame for mechanical stability.

For further details: Recom Asia; Ph: +65 6276 8795, Fax: +65 62731477; [email protected]; www.recomasia.com



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