Cree’s LED arrays


Cree launched the industry’s first lighting class LED array this April. It helps in reducing overall system cost by combining superior efficacy, ease of design and manufacture.

Features and USP: Cree XLamp CXA2011 LED array is designed to deliver smooth light output and consistent colour needed for applications such as omni-directional bulbs or directional downlights. It is a plug and play solution with the right combination of brightness, efficacy and colour consistency with real world 85 C specifications. It also helps customers to quickly create a broad range of LED based designs. It is easy to use screw mounts with it, thus simplifying the manufacturing and design process by eliminating the need for complex design specific engineering and reflow soldering. The CXA2011 LED array can deliver up to 4000 lumens at an operating temperature of 85 C (1A, 5000 K) in a single component. It is available in 2-step and 4-step options, delivering the industry’s tightest LED to LED colour consistency—reducing system complexity and making light source selection as easy as specifying a colour temperature.

For further details: Shyam Mishra, sales manager, India, Cree HK Ltd, India Branch; Ph: +91-9811800940; Email: [email protected]; Website:




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