Coronavirus: Sparsh Introduces Made in India Human Temperature Detection Solution

  • Sparsh has already installed these solutions in a manufacturing facility in Gujarat and some GAIL offices
  • The company has equipped security cameras with sensors that can record temperature for creating this solution

Samriddhi Automations. Pvt. Ltd., also known as Sparsh, has introduced security camera-based temperature recording solution in India. The announcement has been made amidst the lockdown that the country is facing due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

“Ideal to conduct screening safely and efficiently of those who may potentially be infected with flu. Body temperature of those infected is expected to be around 38 to 39 degree Celsius while adult human normal temperature should be around 36 degree Celsius. This camera can visualise such temperature difference instantly from safe distance for you to segregate those who may have been infected,” read Sparsh’s official statement.

It continued, “The solution is capable of detecting and alerting temperatures above threshold levels by screening humans from distance of one foot to 10m which helps preventing human to human proximity and thus spreading of Covid-19.”

Already installed in GAIL Noida Office


The company has already installed four such cameras in GAIL offices in Noida. Around 12 to 16 such cameras have also been installed at a manufacturing facility in Gujarat. The company till filing of this story was also in talks with Sahara’s Lucknow offices for installing these cameras.

It is to be noted here that Sparsh has made these cameras completely in India. These are based on the security cameras that are used for night monitoring in sensitive areas. Such monitoring is done on based in thermal readings. We learnt that Sparsh has added some features in the same.

“Human Temperature Detecton Solution uses face detection technology and the infrared energy that a body emits, which is invisible to the human eye. The system constructs a heat map and calculates the temperature. One has to face the camera and stand still, allowing a clear view of the corners of the eyes — the tear ducts — where the skin temperature comes closest to that of the body’s core,” read Sparsh’s official statement.

It continued, “This is an Eye Tears Duct Pore temperature screening solution which is far more accurate than thermal cameras which are basically used for only body temperature measurement.”



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