Copper Connections' telephone loggers


Copper Connections has launched USB and PCI card type telephone loggers for 1-line to 16-line/PRI lines, which can record telephonic conversations, CLI/Tel numbers, dates and the time of the calls.

Features and USP: These telephone loggers can be connected in parallel to the telephone lines or the PBX extensions. One can monitor/listen to the calls remotely in the LAN environment or through the Internet. While being stored on the hard disc of the PC, the calls are compressed so that 175 hours of recording consumes only 1GB of space. Users can set filters so that calls from selected telephone numbers are not recorded. They can also feed names, addresses, telephone numbers, etc, in order to have them show up on the menu when a call comes in. And they can be used in key control mode whereby the user can decide while speaking on the telephone line, whether to keep the recording or to delete it.

For further details: Copper Connections, 195-196, DSIDC Complex, Okhla Industrial Area, Ph-1, New Delhi 110020; Ph: 9717850942; +91-11-40625555; Fax: +91-11-40625577; Email: [email protected]; Website:



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