Coninspune’s acrylic conformal coating


In February 2011, Coninspune upgraded its product Conins Acrylcoat, to help manufacturers of all types of electronic instruments, computers, TVs, and PCB assemblies from the failure of PCB circuits due to rust, conductive dust, high humidity conditions, corrosion and fungus.

Features and USP: Conins acrylcoat is a high quality flexible, transparent, ecofriendly acrylic conformal coating for PCB assemblies. It is approved by C-DOT and also conforms to the MIL standard: MIL-I-46058C type AR. It is easy to apply, can dry fast and has good flexibility. Servicing is easy as the coating is readily solderable and has high dielectric strength. It provides protection against high voltage arcing and corona shorts. This can be applied on both the PCB soldering side and the component side. Conins Acrylcoat has a shelf life of 1-2 years and comes in an aerosol spray can of 500 ml as well as 1/5 litre.

For further details: Coninspune; Ph: 020-25672299, 09422003495; [email protected]



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