Clean Electric’s Patented Tech Charges Batteries In 12 Minutes


Co-founder Akash Gupta stated that the company’s fireproof batteries underwent 3700 rapid charge cycles and experienced only an 11% reduction in total range.

Clean Electric, a startup specializing in energy storage solutions, has introduced a groundbreaking battery technology that enables electric vehicles to fully charge in less than 12 minutes, a significant improvement over the current charging times of 60 to 120 minutes. This technology, supported by Kalaari Capital, employs universal CCS 2 DC charging standards, making it compatible with all EV model form factors and setting a new industry standard.

The company’s co-founder, Akash Gupta, mentioned that their fireproof batteries have been rigorously tested for 3700 rapid charge cycles, showing only 11% degradation in range. The batteries are produced in Pune at a facility capable of manufacturing up to 1200 battery packs monthly.

Last year, Clean Electric raised $2.2 million in a funding round led by Kalaari Capital with participation from Climate Angels, LV Fund, 7Square Ventures, and CIIE Regional Innovation Foundation.

The company’s technology, which has been in development for four years and holds four granted patents, features several pioneering technologies. These include direct contact liquid cooling for e-4W and large battery systems, self-contained adaptive active liquid cooling for e-2W and e-3W battery systems, and an integrated cell-to-pack battery architecture. These innovations ensure safety by mitigating thermal runaway risks and enabling rapid charging while maintaining high packaging efficiency to enhance EV range without significant degradation.

Ankit Joshi, Chief Product Officer at Clean Electric, expressed his enthusiasm about the new technology, stating it represents a revolutionary advancement in EV charging aimed at reducing environmental impact and shaping the future of the industry. He also highlighted the company’s plans to launch Gen 3 batteries next fiscal year, which will provide affordable, high-energy-density batteries and make rapid charging accessible to the masses.

Clean Electric is actively collaborating with EV OEMs across various sectors, including e-cars and light commercial vehicles, to overcome key obstacles and promote widespread adoption. The company recently demonstrated its capabilities in Pune, charging a 2.2 kWh e-2W battery and a 12.5 kWh e-3W battery from 0 to 80% state of charge in just 10 minutes using a high-speed charging system. Gupta emphasized the importance of integrating “Design in India” with “Make in India” to position India as a global technology leader and model for scalable solutions.


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