ChargeZone To Invest $360M In EV Charging Network Over 4 Years

Source: ChargeZone website

The company has announced plans to set up 25 new supercharging stations this fiscal year and aims to establish a total of 500 stations with capacities between 360KW and 1.2MW, although no specific timeline has been provided.

Charge Zone has committed to investing USD 360 million over the next four years to expand its electric vehicle (EV) charging network, aiming to enhance the supercharging infrastructure that serves electric buses, trucks, and personal mobility vehicles across the nation.

In the current fiscal year, Charge Zone plans to introduce 25 new supercharging stations and has set a goal to eventually establish 500 stations with varying capacities ranging from 360KW to 1.2MW, although the company has not specified a timeline for this expansion.

Mr Kartikey Hariyani, Founder and CEO of ChargeZone, highlighted the strategic significance of their new supercharging network, describing it as a crucial development towards a sustainable, electrified future that integrates micro-grids with Solar PV and energy storage.

He also discussed the initial success of the network, pointing out that the six-month pilot rollout delivered excellent results, primarily benefiting inter-city electric cars and buses. According to Mr. Hariyani, customer feedback was extremely positive, with usage levels exceeding initial projections and high traffic volumes being observed. He added that during the network’s first commercial pilot, it efficiently covered nearly 1500 kilometres, showcasing its effectiveness and reliability.

He also noted that the average charging time at these new supercharging stations ranges from 15 to 20 minutes—considerably less than the 45 minutes typically required at fast DC charging stations, significantly enhancing both user convenience and operational efficiency.


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