Carbon composition resistors


Stackpole Electronics has introduced RC series carbon composition resistors for high pulse energy and high switch speed applications.

Features and USP: The RC series is an axial leaded carbon composition technology resistor that is ideally suited for high pulse energy requirements and high switch speed power supply applications. The material mass provides pulse handling far superior to any film resistor technology. The inherent low inductance makes it a great choice for switch mode power supplies operating at high speeds. The RC series is available in ¼ watt, ½ watt, and 1 watt sizes. Resistance ranges from 1 ohm up to 22 Meg ohms with tolerances of 5 per cent and 10 per cent. The RC ¼ and RC ½ sizes are available in standard tape and reel packaging of 5000pcs per reel, and all sizes are available in bulk packaging of 1000pcs.

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