Budget 2014: Government largesse Rs 5000 million aimed at internet connectivity in villages


union-budgetThursday, July 10, 2014: The government on Thursday stated that it will pump in Rs 5000 Million aimed at its ‘Digital India’ initiative to be able to set up broadband network spanning across villages and promote local manufacturing of hardware together with Indian software products.

Under the aegis of the Digital India initiative, National Rural Internet and Technology Mission, the government will go on to focus on setting up broadband in villages, besides promoting local manufacturing of hardware alongwith Indian software products, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley stated while presenting the Budget for 2014-15.

“A special focus will be on supporting software products startups. A national rural Internet and technology mission service in villages and training in IT…I have provided a sum of Rs 5000 million for this purpose,” he went on to inform the Parliament.”

Furthermore, in what could make available more opportunities for the technology firms, the Minister proposed to set up 100 smart cities for which the government will offer Rs 7,0600 Million.

Also, in a bid to boost the earnings involving the small and medium enterprises, Jaitley held that manufacturing units will be allowed to sell their products through retail and e-commerce platforms.