Bosch to bring electromobility on Indian Streets


Auto parts maker Bosch Ltd today said the company is putting electromobility on Indian streets and is ready to offer the portfolio of electrified solutions for the local market. 

According to PTI, Member of the Board of Management of Bosch Group responsible for Asia Pacific Peter Tyroller said that with mobility requirements at its greatest in urban sprawls, Bosch foresees electrification as a future growth area in India. The company is ready to offer its portfolio of electrified solutions for the local market. 

Currently, the company is in advanced stages of development and plans to move into series production after 2018, he said. The small-vehicle segments will drive the transition to mass electrification, as urban dwellers seek a simple and affordable alternative to conventional standards, he said. The company’s range of electrified solutions aims to address India’s individual mobility requirements, Tyroller said.

Electromobility offers a competitive edge for Bosch in India, he added. The Centre’s initiative with the target to have an all-electric fleet in India by 2030 as well as the Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of (Hybrid and Electric Vehicles (FAME) programme offer Bosch a competitive edge. In a pilot project, the powertrain system was integrated to define adaptations required to create a powertrain platform specifically tailored to the India market, Tyroller said. 


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