BLive Launches Last-Mile EV Rental Service


The initiative targets last-mile delivery partners, offering a solution to the economic challenges they encounter while shifting to electric vehicles, as per the company’s statement.

BLive, a prominent electric mobility platform, has introduced the innovative BLive EZY EV Rental Program.

Tailored for last-mile delivery partners, this program seeks to alleviate the economic barriers faced by couriers when switching to electric vehicles (EVs), according to the company.

BLive’s AI-powered platform unites the full spectrum of the EV industry, encompassing vehicle producers, demand generators like Zomato and Swiggy, top financial and charging service providers, and a burgeoning gig worker community. The program empowers fleet operators, now franchisee partners, to establish, implement, and oversee fleets, thereby fostering the uptake of eco-friendly transport solutions. The BLive EZY EV Rental Program specifically tackles the fiscal hurdles delivery personnel face, notably the necessity of a robust CIBIL score for securing loans. Offering competitive pricing and adaptable conditions, the program facilitates an easier shift to electric vehicles. Rental rates commence from a modest INR 1500 weekly, enabling delivery partners to smoothly incorporate EVs into their workflows.

The “Rent to Own” scheme: A study by Robas Research Pvt. Ltd., based in Bangalore, reveals that 77% of surveyed last-mile delivery riders already possess EVs, reflecting a strong inclination towards sustainable transport. Yet, financial hindrances like intricate loan procedures and steep interest rates remain. In response, BLive has rolled out the “Rent to Own” feature within the program, allowing riders to gain EV ownership after a 36-month rental duration, thus endorsing enduring sustainability and broadening the embrace of eco-friendly transport methods.

The BLive EZY EV Rental Program marks a significant stride in enhancing the accessibility of electric vehicles, offering an economical and straightforward path for riders to acquire their EVs. “This initiative is set to empower riders and substantially cut down urban carbon emissions,” stated Samarth Kholkar, BLive’s Founder.

EVs from esteemed manufacturers: The program presents high-quality EVs from acclaimed brands like TVS, Ather, Bounce, and Revolt, under lenient rental agreements. The rent-to-own approach permits delivery workers to ultimately acquire these superior EVs after the rental term, underscoring BLive’s dedication to promoting sustainable travel options. Notable benefits include:

Major savings: Up to 90% reduction in fuel expenses.
No hidden fees: No additional charges for insurance and upkeep.
Ownership upon completion: Full ownership of the EV post-tenure.

Growth and future objectives: The BLive EZY EV Rental Program has commenced in five cities—Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, and Goa—deploying over 200 EVs to last-mile couriers. With plans to roll out 10,000 EVs in the upcoming year, BLive is actively recruiting more franchisee partners to join their quest to electrify last-mile deliveries.

The program is anticipated to significantly expedite the nationwide adoption of electric vehicles, rendering last-mile deliveries more cost-effective and eco-friendly, as per the company’s assertions.


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