Binay Opto’s power LED hand lamps


Binay Opto Electronics has launched in January 2011 an LED hand lamp in a linear design, with the body and grip in an insulated rubberised construction.

Features and USP: The hand lamp can utilise a light source comprising multiple high power white LEDs. It consumes very little power—just 6-9 watts, has a long life (over 50,000 burning hours) and ensures zero maintenance costs with a three-year warranty period. It is completely shock proof as the light source is comprised of solid state power LEDs with no filament that can break, and does not give any heat radiation. It is light and portable with a robust and sturdy design. It is ideal for use in work inspection illumination in factories. The lamp’s overall length is 410 mm with a grip diameter of 45 mm.

For further details: Binay Opto Electronics Pvt Ltd, 44 Armenian Street, Kolkata 700001; Ph: +91-33- 2242-9082, 2210-3807, 2210-2039; Fax: +91-33-2242-1493; Email: [email protected], [email protected]; Website:



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