Binay Opto's dome type power LEDs


In March 2011, Binay Opto launched a dome type of power LED with high bay luminaires, a one to one replacement for existing HID high bay luminaires. The product is an LED based luminaire unit designed particularly for replacement of conventional lamps indoor, high bay lighting in factory sheds, industrial shop floors, warehouses, power station turbine halls, etc. It offers low power consumption and a maintenance free long life.

Features and USP: The luminaire utilises power LEDs of high efficiency with a life of 50,000 hours (up to 70 per cent lumen maintenance) and 100,000 hours (up to 50 per cent lumen maintenance). It can withstand a wide variation in input voltage. The light emitted has no infrared or ultraviolet radiation content. It can save energy by up to 65-70 per cent vs 175-400 W MH or HPSV.

For further details: Binay Opto Electronics Pvt Ltd, Ph: 033-22429082, 22102039, 22103807; Fax: 91-33-22421493; [email protected], [email protected];



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