Bajaj Electricals targets hiked growth in FY 16-17


Bajaj Electricals, Kolkata, target growthThe lighting segment of Bajaj Electricals Limited has ended FY 2015-16 on a high note with the total revenue of close to Rs. 1100 Cr, a growth of 17.2%.

Bajaj Electricals Introduced its sub-brand – .nxt upgrade in Kolkata today and showcased its new range of technologically advanced and highly efficient range of LED luminaires for applications like IT/ITES, modern work spaces, Pharmaceuticals, Retails, Industrial and Smart City Lighting.

Bajaj is driving the UPGRADE programme aggressively across India which will enable its customers to upgrade to latest and most technologically advance .nxt LED products. These cutting edge products, which are made in India has ushered in a digital revolution in the lighting solutions.

As the trend is moving towards the concept of smart buildings involving energy efficiency controlling HVAC/Lighting/Utilities of buildings is taking prominence.


Bajaj Electricals Ltd has taken the lead in creating offerings of Digital Ceiling Solutions by bringing a common digital platform for lighting building automation system and services.It is a common platform which covers LED lighting andIBMS.This delivers a user experience that enhances productivity, facilitates comfort and ease of use while creating sustainable & smart infrastructure.

Catering to the needs of large corporates in the Kolkata and Eastern market, Bajaj Electricals meets the energy saving needs for these corporates which have 24×7 operations.

Solar power system is another key thrust area for Bajaj Electricals. Bajaj focuses on Solar Street Lights, which are manufactured using superior quality material and latest technique. These products offer an easy installation process, longer service life and high performance. Bajaj also has a range of solar products such as Roof Top Solar Bank, Solar Lanterns and Solar appliances.

By Baishakhi Dutta

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