Baid Power's digital servo controller


Baid Power Services has launched a digital servo controller to provide a metering and control solution for servo manufacturers.

Features and USP: Digital servo controllers are multi-featured instruments with multi-parameter Class 1 digital panel meters that display input voltage, output voltage and output current. Baid Power’s servo controller is provided with a fully integrated AC synchronous Triac based servo motor driver. It has a wide range of auxiliary supply from 85-265 V AC. It has an individual fault display with LEDs. An inbuilt audio/visual alarm annunciator with acknowledge/silent is one of its best features. The servo controller also has inbuilt programmable protection with alarms for under voltage, over voltage and over load time delay. It also includes programmable on-time delay settings for protection against surge loads in case of load shedding. The controller has the latest microcontroller (PIC) based design. It is also available with manual mode for field testing.

For further details: Baid Power Services Pvt Ltd, 152, Block B, Lake Town, Kolkata 700089; Ph: +91-033-25210322; Fax: +91-033-25343662; Email: [email protected]



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