Avishakti Installs Rooftop Solar Plant for MICL in Mumbai


The solar project will help in saving an estimated Rs.4,35,000 every year by cutting down electricity bills

Avishakti Rooftop Solar Pvt Ltd announced that it has installed a rooftop PV plant for the recently finished residential project in Chembur, Mumbai, by Man Infraconstruction Limited (MICL Group). The rooftop solar plant has the capacity of 23.4 kWp and is designed to generate around 36,000 units a year.

Used to light common appliances

The solar system was installed during the construction phase of the residential project will be on grid and function on Net Metering. The power generated by the solar plant will be used to power the generally used appliances of the residential complex like lights in common areas, water pump, lift, etc.

Explaining about the technology, Animesh Manek, Managing Director, Avishakti Rooftop Solar, said, “The Net Metering technology enables the system to transfer any extra electricity generated by the system back to the grid. On the days the PV system generates less, the required electricity is consumed from the grid. At the end of the year, you pay only for the net usage. i.e. electricity generated minus electricity used.”

“If real estate developers plan rooftop solar plants for their projects right at the construction stage, it can have its benefits. For instance, sufficient space can be planned to accommodate the solar panels as per the requirement. It also works in making the rooftop PV plant aesthetically appealing,” Manek said.

Cost saving

Commenting on the development, Ravindra K Yevale, Senior General Manager, MICL Group, said, “It’s all about giving a better quality of services to our customers. Opting for rooftop solar means reducing the maintenance bills of the project’s residents.”

The solar project will help in saving an estimated Rs.4,35,000 every year by cutting down electricity bills. The project can be financially beneficial for the residents of the building.


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