Automatic cable test systems


In July 2011, Adroit announced the launch of its automatic cable test system (ACTS). The ACTS provides a reliable and repeatable test platform to test twisted pair telecom cables.

Features and USP: ACTS includes multi-pair test fixtures for testing cables up to 3 GHz. It consists of loads, baluns and a wire test frame to connect test cables easily and quickly. Only one cable connection is needed to test all the parameters, eliminating the need for multiple cable connections. A standard panel is available with a 32-pair measurement facility. ACTS offers the automatic selection of cable pairs. The Windows based interface enables the operator to easily and quickly set parameters for testing and to save results for future use. Limited values can be easily programmed to suit the requirements of clients.

For further details: Adroit Control Engineers; Ph: +91-11-47600700; Tele-fax: +91 11 47600701; [email protected]



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