ARCI Develops Self Cleaning Solar Panels


Hyderabad based international Advanced Research Centre for Powder Metallurgy and New Materials (ARCI) has developed solar panels that are capable of self cleaning. These solar panels are made for India’s National Solar Mission using the nanotechnology. 

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The solar panels developed by ARCI are self cleaning, they are coated with a special, highly water-proof material. As the potential of the solar panels would be affected from any dust particle, the nano-particles used to manufacture the solar panels would prevent the dust from settling on them. 

The cleaning process of solar panels is very time consuming that is why, this new technology is used to eliminate the need to manually clean it. The solar panels are on a trial stage right now.  

Scientists of ARCI told TOI that self-cleaning panels would have lot of advantages like no loss in transmission, sunlight curable and high weather and thermal stabilities highly suitable for Indian Environmental Conditions. The major problem in India is of dust and that problem would be solved with the new technology. 

“Sonar panels are needed for street lighting, traffic signals, operating small home appliances and power production. Traditionally, the panels are mounted outdoors on rooftops or in open wide spaces to maximize their exposure to sunlight, ” said Dr S Sakthivel of the Centre for Solar Energy Materials of ARCI. 

Power capabilities of an uncleaned solar panel in high dust area can drop by 30-40 percent, added Sakthivel. 


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