Apple’s Global Smartphone Market Stands Out

Apple has sliced away its closest competitor, Samsung's dominance. Post the challenges faced because of the pandemic, this company’s market share has stood out.


As per Burga’s data, it is evident that Apple seems to trail Samsung in the overall global market share. If looked in detail,  the market surge has risen to 20 percent in the past one year for the former, while the latter, stands second with a rise from 22% to 24%.

Unfortunately, other smartphone manufacturers saw a dip in their market share. Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi remain few companies who saw a dip, while other manufacturers saw a plunge in their share.

The report in detail explains how Apple continues to grow despite relatively expensive smartphones. As per the report, “Interestingly, Apple is gaining ground in market share despite the company’s smartphones mainly being considered expensive compared to competitors. It can be assumed that the devices are gaining more appeal with the company leveraging its loyal consumer base that is attracted by the devices’ regular new features and the overall innovative designs.”

In response to semiconductor shortages, the coming quarters are yet to witness the shift in the market based on companies’ reaction. Manufacturers that are ready to adopt mitigation measures and new trends may emerge to the top.


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