Apacer Unveils Rugged DRAM Solutions to Operate in Challenging Environments


Apacer Technology, industrial digital solutions provider announced the launch of XR-LRDIMM (Extremely Rugged Load-Reduced DIMM). 

Apacer’s XR-LRDIMM – extremely rugged, load-reduced DIMM – features a unique anti-vibration and anti-shock design, which can provide a stable, secure and endurable industrial server memory solution. 

This makes it ideal for long-term stable operations in challenging environments and high-end applications such as the defense, aerospace and transportation industries.
 Most defense servers still employ standard server memory, which means reliability could be at risk, the company said. 

Unlike a standard memory module, XR-LRDIMM is the only server memory module on the market which is designed especially for anti-vibration and anti-shock applications. It features a board-to-board connector design with triple 100-pin connectors and two mounting holes as opposed to a gold finger connector. This keeps the module fully integrated with the motherboard at all times, preventing the XR-LRDIMM from slipping out of position when subjected to vibration or shock. The result is greatly enhanced memory signal transmission.

Apacer has also introduced the SM23D Defense Series that has undergone 8 testing and meets military specifications for shock, vibration, humidity, high and low temperature, thermal shock, altitude, salt fog, and radiation. 

According to the company, although the first four of these tests are better known, the latter four are more complicated. A thermal shock test is said to expose components to rapid cycles between high and low temperatures, while an altitude test simulates the effects of high pressure in an aircraft flying at 80,000 feet.

A salt fog test uses a five-percent salt spray to simulate accelerated corrosion in a relatively slow airflow environment, and a radiation test simulates the full-spectrum interference environment that heat and sunlight can create. Through a unique construction method utilising sidefill technology, Apacer designed devices that can withstand testing for vibration according to the MIL-STD 810G 514.6 standard for Fixed Wing Jet Aircraft.

Data accuracy and security have always been crucial issues for aerospace and defense applications. To ensure secure access of data and protection of confidential information, Apacer customises a comprehensive range of cutting-edge information security technologies for software, hardware, and firmware. 

Apacer said it has achieved another pinnacle in its patented anti-sulfuration technology. The company’s industrial SSDs have passed the industry’s highest level ANSI/ISA 71.04 G3 air corrosion certification test as certified by the American National Standards Institute/ International Society of Automation. 

Apacer offers a wide range of industrial SSDs, digital consumer products, and memory modules. The company provides innovative, state-of-the-art products to store, record, and share digital information crucial for work and essential to daily life.



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