Altair And Metrics Redefine Semiconductor Verification


When combined with Altair’s tools, Metrics’ DSim will provide a sophisticated simulation environment with enhanced simulation and debugging features. This collaboration is set to revolutionize the semiconductor industry by making high-quality EDA design tools both more affordable and accessible, especially for companies looking to expand their simulation capabilities to speed up their design processes.

Altair has reached a definitive agreement to acquire Metrics Design Automation Inc., a Canadian firm known for its simulation as a service (SaaS) business model, specializing in semiconductor electronic functional simulation and design verification. Pending standard closing conditions, this acquisition will merge Altair’s Silicon Debug Tools with Metrics’ digital simulator, DSim, to boost simulation and design verification capabilities in the electronics design automation (EDA) and semiconductor sectors. The integration of DSim with Altair’s tools will create a sophisticated simulation environment with enhanced capabilities, which is expected to make high-quality EDA design tools more accessible and affordable, particularly beneficial for companies looking to expedite their design processes through scaled-up simulations.

Typically, verifying integrated circuit (IC) designs is expensive and may demand multiple licenses for simulating a single chip. The existing tools are primarily desktop-based and do not naturally support cloud operations. Altair and Metrics’ proposed solution will allow for flexible deployment options—on desktops, private servers, or via cloud—and will employ a pay-per-use model suitable for extensive regressions. It supports System Verilog and VHDL RTL for digital circuits, targeting application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) and field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). This method facilitates concurrent, large-scale simulations, significantly reducing the time and costs traditionally associated with IC design cycles.

James R. Scapa, CEO and Founder of Altair expressed excitement about merging their top software with Metrics’ cloud-based simulation service, aiming to advance technology for their EDA and semiconductor clients. Altair prides itself on combining simulation with leading-edge workload and workflow optimization technologies, positioning itself as an essential partner for companies adopting innovative tools and models in this demanding industry. The newly combined services will be available through Altair One, Altair’s cloud innovation gateway, and also as a desktop download, enhancing speed, capacity, and accuracy in serving the semiconductor, automotive, aerospace, and defence industries with premium digital simulation, visualization, and circuit debugging capabilities.

Joe Costello, Executive Chairman of Metrics and a prominent figure in the EDA industry, highlighted their pioneering position in design verification for the semiconductor sector. He noted that joining forces with Altair will expand their reach and offer a versatile, modern, and scalable verification solution for engineers, whether through desktop, private servers, or cloud deployments. Costello, known for his previous leadership at Cadence Design Systems which propelled the company’s revenues past $1 billion, was honored in 2004 with the Phil Kaufman Award by the Electronic System Design Alliance for his industry contributions.

This collaboration between Altair and Metrics is set to transform the semiconductor design verification landscape by leveraging cloud-based technologies and scalable, cost-efficient simulation tools.


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