32-bit microcontrollers


STMicroelectronics has launched STM 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs) high value density series, which can carry up to 512 KB of flash memor and 144 pins, to support cost sensitive end products.

Features and USP: These microcontrollers offer extra program memory and on-chip functions, extending the range of the STM-32 value line family to include devices from 16 to 512 KB of embedded flash, providing a scalable alternative for cost sensitive designs. Major features of the STM-32 value high density line include a 24 MHz processor; 1.25 DMIPS/MHz; 256 to 512 KB flash; an external memory interface for larger application code storage; 24 to 32 KB of SRAM and 12 x 16-bit timers including a motor-control timer, etc. The device is one of the first in the market to use an advanced 32-bit core to increase performance over proprietary 16-bit devices, at a competitive price. One enhanced feature is that it can address numerous types of external code or data memory. The interface also supports a parallel interface mode for LCD screens with embedded controllers. Extra package options, with up to 112 I/O pins, help designers manage more intensive communications between the microcontroller and other system components, such as sensors, status indicators, wireless subsystems and USB ports. It also targets professional applications, such as metering, motor control and user-interface control in industrial and medical equipment.

For further details: STMicroelectronics Pvt Ltd, Plot No 1, Knowledge Park III, Greater Noida; Ph: +91-0120-4003001; Website: www.st.com

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