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Wednesday, August 19, 2009:

By Rutaksha Rawat

Convergence Power System Pvt Ltd

Features & USP


• Low voltage charging

• High charging current up to 20A

• Intelligent charger technology, which can automatically sense battery condition and adjust the charging current accordingly, elongating battery life

• Output suits any type of load

• Ultrafast changeover supports high-low voltage cut offs in PCs

• Automatic resetting offers overload, short circuit and low battery protection

• Low maintenance and high reliability


All domestic household electric and electronic appliances

Product: Convergence Sinewave Combo UPS (800 VA)

Price: Rs 5,900

Features & USP

• Noiseless

• Powered by microcontroller digital technology

• Extremely lightweight—an 810 VA unit weighs only 2.5 Kg

• Computer compatible

• Multilevel charging, yielding longer battery life

• Auto overload resetting, which makes the device shut down automatically if exposed to a load more than its specified limit

• Able to recognize any battery connected to it. Auto adjusts its charging characteristics according to the battery the user connects it to

• No load shutdown feature

• Customer configurable charging modes

• Total harmonic distortion of less than 3 per cent

• Voltage control type based on microdigital feedback technology

• Battery charging based on SMPS charging technology

• Audio alarm buzzer for overload and low battery

• Mode change inverter efficiency of 90 per cent

Application: Fans, bulbs, tubelights, stereos, televisions, VCRs, electronic private automatic branch exchange (EPABX), intercoms, electronic typewriters, biomedical instruments and any other gadgets which require 220 Volt 50 Hz AC sinewave supply. In the narrow range, it can operate computers, printers and allied accessories

Product: UTL HI-LITE Combo UPS (810-1260 VA)

Price: 810 VA – Rs 5,990; 1410 VA – Rs 8,790


Hita Technology Pvt Ltd

Features & USP

• MCU based true sinewave output

• Low cost

• Advanced digital technology

• Auto restart capability

• Audible alarm

• Intelligent battery charger

• Extended run time

• Low noise

• LCD display (optional)

• Overload, short circuit and battery low protection

Application: DVDs, fans and TVs

Product: Hita Home UPS (600-1500 VA)

Price: Rs 5,000-14,000 (without battery)


Parker Power Systems Ltd

Features & USP

• 100 per cent pure sinewave output

• Isolated TDR output

• Smart charge pulse technology with watch dog charger and advanced thermal management for longer life

• Microcontroller/digital signal controller based design

• High quality connectors and switches

• Overload and short circuit protection

• Auto reset feature

• User friendly graphic display

Product: PRITHVI DLX Inverter

(4.0 KVA/72 V DC)

Price: Rs 39,050


Luminous Power Technologies Pvt Ltd

Features & USP

• Free preloaded battery management software,

• Audio alarm for low battery, overload, no load, shutdown and short circuit

• Visual indicators for mains ‘On’, UPS ‘On’ switch status, charging, overload/short circuit trip, battery low trip, no load shutdown, battery fuse blown and battery reverse connection

• Smart charge technology, with advanced battery management, which enhances battery life to up to 70 per cent

• Fast changeover time

• External DC fuses for easy replacement

• Surface mounted technology for reliable and compact design

• Intelligent thermal management

• Miniature circuit breaker

Application: Tubelights, fans, televisions, computers, DVDs, music systems, etc


Product: BIU Sinewave UPS system

Price: Rs 15,900 onwards

Pep Infotech Ltd

Features & USP

• Intelligent multistage charging

• Normal current and high current charging

• Efficient on any kind of battery

• Runs computer without rebooting

• Special protection against high voltage

• Bigger core size of transformer

• Better PCB quality

• Longer backup

Application: SOHOs, bungalows, flats, institutes, factories, petrol pumps, shops, clinics, etc

Product: Pepteller Digital Home UPS

Price: Rs 3,750-25,000

Mictrotek International Pvt Ltd

Features & USP

• Microprocessor/DSP based PWM technology, using IGBT

• Advanced battery management for longer battery life and quick charging

• LCD panel display for status and faults

• Static bypass switch for fast switchover

• Inbuilt TDR for compressed based applications

Application: Best suited for high capacity appliances

Product: Microtek Sinewave Inverter (5.5 KVA)

Price: Rs 42,990


Su-Kam Power Systems Ltd

Features & USP

• Fully plastic polycarbonate-ABS blend (PCABS) body, with self-extinguishing characteristics to withstand high temperatures

• Attractive appearance

• 12V DC input, 220V AC output

• Soft start capability for starting heavy loads

• Fuzzy logic control

• 100-180AH battery capacity

• Auto reset for overload and short circuit

• Generator compatible

• High-low input voltage protection

• Patented technology

• Microcontroller based PWM technology, using MOSFETs

• Modified square wave output

Application: Tube lights, fans, refrigerators, televisions, mixers, etc.

Product: CHIC Digital Home UPS

Price: 650 VA – Rs 5,100; 850

VA – Rs 6,500


J B Enterprises

Features & USP

• This inverter is called an integrated power supply (IPS) system because it can be used as a stabiliser, UPS and inverter

• Also available with automatic voltage regulator (AVR)

• Incorporates a thyristor based, chopped, phase controlled, ultra fast constant voltage/constant current (CCCV) charger

• Single transformer technology

• Regulated output voltage on battery mode

• Surge and spike protection

• Low battery shut down with LED and buzzer

• Overload and short circuit protection on battery mode

• High-low voltage protection on input mode

Application: Computer and lights applications. Also, it can be used in low voltage areas as a booster stabiliser (with inbuilt AVR models only)

Product: Super Digital IPS

(400-4,000 VA)

Price: Rs 2,400-Rs 13,500

Aplab Ltd

Features & USP

• Delivers via 3-phase 30 KVA/26 KW inverter pure sinewave regulated AC power

• 144 PV solar panels, with built-in maximum power point tracker (MPPT) current controller in a patented configuration

• 16×250 AH batteries

• Power factor correction (PFC) 3-ph line charger

• Guarantees cost of power, at Rs 4.85 per unit (KWH) for its 20 year life

• Easy to install and maintain

• Meets international electrotechnical commission (IEC) specifications

• Designed to endure Indian environment

Product: APLAB Solar Power Inverter System (30 KVA/26 KW)

Price: Rs 6 million

Arvi Systems & Controls Pvt Ltd

Features & USP

• 10 ms transfer time

• Voltage regulation on mains


Application: PCs, lights, motor loads, etc

Product: E-Gen Inverter (1 KVA-15 KVA)

Price: Rs 15,000 onwards

Makson Engineers

Features & USP

• Pure sinewave output

• High frequency pulse width modulation (PWM) design, using insulated gate bipolar transistor/metal oxide semiconductor field (IGBT/MOSFET)

• Dynamic response for step load change

• High inrush handling capacity

• Over voltage, low battery, output overload and short circuit protection

Application: Motorload, airconditioning, lighting and computers

Product: Volta Sinewave Inverter (3-100 KVA)

Price: 3 KVA sinewave inverter – Rs 24,000


Total Power Conditioners

Features & USP

• Wide input voltage range of 100-280 VAC

• Pure sinewave output

• Over load, short circuit, battery deep discharge protection,

• High charging current for longer back up

• Intelligent battery management

Application: Lights, fans, TV, mixers, water pumps, computers, EPABX, fax machines and other computer peripherals, along with other domestic and commercial appliances

Product: TPC Sinewave Combo UPS

Price: Rs 2,999 onwards


Powernet Solutions Pvt Ltd

Features & USP

• Fully regulated PWM charge controller

• Input mains charging as low as 130 AC

• Reverse current flow protection from battery to mains

• Short circuit and deep discharge protection

• Battery reverse polarity and solar array reverse polarity

• Audio-visual indications for status and fault condition

• Automatic resetting


Solar and lighting

Product: Powernet Inverter

(for Solar applications)

Infonet Care Enterprises

Features & USP

• Pure sinewave output

• Microcontroller based design

• Zero pollution

• Sleek, space saving physical dimensions

• Overload and short circuit protection

• Automatic overload resetting

• Automatic changeover


Tubelights, fans, televisions, computers, DVDs, music systems, etc

Product: Ince Sinewave Inverter & UPS (800 VA)

Price: Rs 3,999

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