Selective Wave Soldering Machines For NEOTech

Multiple new Pillarhouse Synchrodex Pro Selective Wave Soldering machines have been acquired by NEOTech for a couple of their North American manufacturing facilities.


With NEOTechs new procurement, their customers can benefit from the increased efficiency of rapid soldering of higher-volume assemblies and increased quality with automated pinpoint accuracy for tight spacing between through-hole-components. These machines from Pillarhouse, which is a well known name in the soldering industry are individually programmed for each soldering point.

The Pillarhouse Synchrodex Pro Selective Wave Soldering machines can control flux volume and set soldering time for each PCB assembly situation. Unlike conventional wave soldering systems, a more reliable solder joint is obtained for high complex assemblies.

Emilio Ramirez, Global Vice President of Engineering for NEOTech stated, “We have been utilizing selective wave soldering machines for many years; however, our entire organization is very excited about our new Pillarhouse Synchrodex Pro machines and the availability of the advanced soldering technology we can afford our customers for their very important products. We have successfully integrated the new machines into multiple electronic manufacturing lines throughout North America that will keep pace with the SMT lines, reduce through-hole component soldering time, and move completed PCBAs into testing and shipping much quicker.”

NEOTech aims to successfully convert customers’ product technology into engineered products. It specializes in high-reliability programs for the Aerospace and Defense industry, Medical Products, and High-Tech Industrial markets. 



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