MCCIA To Launch Training Program With Focus On Safety For Electric Vehicles


The programme is aimed at industry players and educational institutions

With India envisaging to emerge as an important player in the global electric vehicle industry, the Mahratta Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture (MCCIA) will launch a training programme for capacity building in electric vehicles, with emphasis on current business environments, future expectations, and safety measures.

The programme is aimed at industry players and educational institutions.

EV experts have long called for increased capacity building among students, industry players, and others; for more dissemination of prevailing standards in car bodies, powertrains, and other inputs; regulatory and policy framework; and the schemes available.

The course, designed by current and former auto industry veterans and experts, will focus on technology trends in the EV business, powertrain, and transmissions such as hybrid technology, as well as batteries and battery management system (BMS), the latter being crucial to ensure battery and charging equipment safety.

“Since EVs are coming up in a big way, and Pune is an auto hub, we need to track this trend for the good of the industry. Infrastructure for EVs is also very important , and so is health and safety,” said Prashant Girbane, the director of MCCIA.

The global electric vehicle supply equipment (ESVE) market was valued around USD 14.04 Billion in 2020. Growing adoption of electric vehicles, supportive government policies to promote electric vehicle and rising development in technology are some major factors driving the growth of Global Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (ESVE) Market.


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