Companies Line Up To Set Up EV Battery Swapping Stations in Bengaluru


Zuink is planning to set up an additional 1,000 BSS within six months in the city where it already operates more than 200 BSS

As more and more people adopt electric mobility in the capital city of Karnataka, the need for EV charging has also increased in Bengaluru. As such, various companies are eyeing to set up battery-swapping stations (BSS) in the city.

Zuink, a subsidary of two-wheeler rental company Bounce, is planning to set up an additional 1,000 BSS within six months in the city where it already operates more than 200 BSS, Bounce’s CEO and co-founder Vivekananda Hallekere told TOI.

He said they have enabled 10 million EV kms in Bengaluru through their BSS since 2020. This translates to 2 lakh swaps done through this network.

“We are asking users to pay per swap and they don’t have to invest in owning a battery. Autorickshaws and two-wheelers can use the same batteries and swapping infrastructure once they start working with us. A user using our mobile app can see the nearest BSS and pick a battery from there,” said Hallekere.

E-mobility soltuions provider Sun Mobility is another such company that has facilitated ‘Swap Points’ stations in Indiranagar, Koramangala and JP Nagar. The company plans to expand to over 100 stations in the next 12-18 months.

“Batteries will contribute 30-40 percent of total vehicle cost for two-wheelers and three-wheelers, making it the most expensive component in a vehicle. Hence, battery swap will continue to remain relevant for a price-sensitive market like India,” a spokesperson from Sun Mobility told the publication.

In April, Bescom had sought proposals from private firms for setting up EV charging/battery swapping stations at 79 Bescom premises on rental basis in Karnataka. It will soon invite a tender regarding the same.

CK Sreenath, deputy general manager, Smart Grid and Electric Vehicles, Bescom, said: “Firms like Sun Mobility, Zuink and Ola have expressed interest to set up BSS in the city. The number of battery-swapping vehicles in the city is less but once Ola’s electric scooters enter the market, the demand might go up.”

“Since we keep more than two batteries in each location, we are not able to get the benefit of lower tariff given by Bescom. We are also in talks with BMRCL to get space for this at all Metro stations,” said Hallekere.


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