Harting Launches Ethernet Switch for Plug & Play Network Solutions


The Ha-VIS eCon 3160GX-A-A switch supports Jumbo Frames, to support secure and correct delivery of huge data streams through the network

Imaging processes has become important in all industry segments. From quality inspection within a production facility to road traffic identification – image processing supports the frictionless progress of daily businesses. So to address this need, Harting has launched Ha-Vis eCon Ethernet switches that support high-performance imaging processes. These ethernet switches enables individually tailored plug & play network solutions for data-intensive applications.

Quality of images is increasing and the capability of network devices for industrial environments is still slow. The Ha-VIS eCon unmanaged 16 Port Gigabit Switch delivers superior performance to fulfill the demands of processing several high-quality images and streams in parallel throughout the network. This switch has a powerful CPU as special feature.


Due to their volatile nature, live imaging or streaming processes are performed without network reliability mechanisms. Because the images and data streams must be transferred to the receiver in time, or the transfer will make no sense at all. Therefore, to manage secure and correct delivery of huge data streams, the Ha-VIS eCon 3160GX-A-A switch supports Jumbo Frames. The switch is also equipped with an optimised architecture guaranteeing the availability of hardware resources.

Company Profile

The HARTING Technology Group is global provider of industrial connection technology for the three lifelines of Data, Signal and Power. The company produces retail checkout systems, electromagnetic actuators for automotive and industrial series use, charging equipment for electric vehicles, as well as hardware and software for customers and applications in automation technology, mechanical and plant engineering, robotics and transportation engineering.

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