Which Industry Has The Most Millennial Billionaires?


United States, with 33.3 per cent, holds the most number of millennial billionaires. India has 1.3 per cent share of the billionaire millennia

The term startup, more often than, not resonates with Millennial. Also more often than not these startups are recognised as unicorns, and as companies that go on to generate millennial billionaires. But have you wondered which industry has most number of millennial billionaires?

A recent analysis conducted by PhysicalGold has put the technology industry to be on top when it comes to the most number of billionaire millennia. Counted at 28 millennial billionaires, the analysis shows that these 28 billionaires hold about $254.5 billions worth of wealth. Additionally, seven in top ten millennial billionaires are from the technology industry.

These include Mark Zuckerberg, Zhang Yiming, Dustin Moskovitz, Pavel Durov, Nathan Blecharczyk, Bobby Murphy and Evan Spiegel. Out of these Mark Zuckerberg is at top with around $97 billion in wealth. One of the founders of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is said to be the brains behind Facebook evolving into a lot more than just a social media website. In second position is Zhang Yiming, the founder of content media platform ‘ByteDance’ has a net worth of $35.6 billion. CEO of work management software ‘Asana’ Dustin Moskovitz ($17.8 billion) and founder of messaging app ‘Telegram’ Pavel Durov ($17.2 billion) are among the other millennial billionaires with a net worth of more than $15 billion.

United States with 33.3 per cent holds the most number of millennial billionaires.It is followed by China with 20.5 per cent and Germany with 10.3 per cent. Russia, Hong Kong and Brazil hold 5.1 per cent each while Denmark hold 3.8 per cent. Australia has 3.8 per cent of millennial billionaires while Sweden, Canada and Ireland have 2.6 per cent each. These are followed by Norway, United Kingdom and Finland at 1.3 per cent each. India also has 1.3 per cent share in the billionaire millennial.

At 3rd place for industries with most millennial comes automotive. It has six millennial billionaires holding around $17.2 billion wealth. The manufacturing industry at fourth rank has five millennial billionaires with a total wealth of $14.1 billion. Metals and Mining, at the fifth rank, has four millennial billionaires with a total wealth of $6.4 billion, and Energy Industry, at rank six, has millennial billionaires with a total wealth of $7.7 billion.

The telecommunications industry, and the Construction & Engineering Industry, has zero millennial billionaires.


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