VolksWagen-Backed Battery Startup Going Public at $3.3 Billion Valuation


QuantumScape, founded in 2010 in California, has previously announced a joint venture with Volkswagen, to enable industrial-level production of solid-state batteries for use in VW’s vehicles

QuantumScape Corporation (QuantumScape), a startup in the development of next generation solid-state lithium-metal batteries for use in electric vehicles, and Kensington Capital Acquisition Corp. (Kensington), a special purpose acquisition company, have announced a definitive agreement for a business combination that would result in QuantumScape becoming a publicly listed company. Upon closing of the transaction, the combined company will be named QuantumScape and is expected to remain listed on the NYSE and trade under the new ticker symbol QS.

“Today marks an important milestone of advancing QuantumScape’s effort in developing the next generation of solid-state batteries to meet the needs of all future electric vehicles as the world transitions to zero emissions. Ten years ago, we embarked upon an ambitious goal that most thought was impossible. Through the tireless work of QuantumScape’s more than 200 scientists and engineers, and our partnership with Volkswagen since 2012, we have developed a new battery technology that is unlike anything else in the world,” noted Jagdeep Singh, founder and Chief Executive Officer of QuantumScape.

He added, “We are now excited to partner with Kensington’s unique team of world-class automotive executives, who share our vision of a cleaner and safer future powered by QuantumScape. This vote of confidence from investors, and the capital provided by this transaction, will drive a more sustainable future for generations to come.”

QuantumScape’s relationship with Volkswagen dates back to 2012


Volkswagen and QuantumScape have previously announced the formation of a manufacturing joint venture to prepare for the mass production of solid-state batteries for Volkswagen. QuantumScape’s relationship with Volkswagen dates back to 2012 and includes collaboration on battery cell development, the testing of prototype cells, previously announced funding commitments of over $300 million, and representation on QuantumScape’s Board of Directors.

Former Tesla chief technology officer and current QuantumScape board member JB Straubel commented, “QuantumScape’s solid-state anode-less design represents the most elegant architecture I’ve seen for a lithium-based battery system, and the company has an opportunity to redefine the battery landscape.”

“We are extremely excited and honored to partner with QuantumScape, as this represents a unique opportunity to invest in a pure-play battery company that is positioned to transform the auto industry. Kensington considered hundreds of automotive companies and QuantumScape stands out as the leading company to play a pivotal role in the advancement of electric vehicles,” noted Justin Mirro, chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Kensington.



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