Trentar To Invest Rs 100 Crore In 3 Years In Drone Manufacturing Division


Dhruv Arora has been brought on board by the company to head the division

Dorf Ketal Chemicals’ subsidiary Trentar Pvt Ltd has announced that it will begin manufacturing drones under its newly established Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) manufacturing division. The company is planning to spend Rs 100 crore over the next three years for the same.

Dorf Ketal founder Subodh Menon said Trentar will design and build specialised drones for defence and civil applications along with subsystems like autopilot and communication systems, thus helping build world-class drones in the country.

Menon informed that the company also plans to acquire companies with complementary and cutting-edge technologies to augment the Trentar stable.

Dhruv Arora has been brought on board by the company to head the division.

“Dhruv Arora is a veteran and has been part of the evolution of the UAV industry for the past 18 years. He is well known in the global drone industry for his innovation, design, and technical capabilities. He is a specialist in designing VTOL fixed-wing UAVs,” said a company statement.

“Dhruv joining us will surely help us realize our dreams and vision to put India on the global drone map through the global presence and goodwill of Dorf Ketal/Trentar,” Menon said.

Sudhir Menon, chairman, Dorf Ketal, said, “The domain expertise Dhruv Arora has, because of being in the industry for the last 18 years, will truly help Trentar in its vision of becoming a formidable drone manufacturer globally.”

“The target is to have the first Drone from the Trentar’s stable in the next 6 months. The plan is to create an Enterprise predominantly through the inorganic growth route, globally,” he added.

Trentar had recently acquired 75 per cent stake in GarudaUAV, a drone-based services and platform company.

Dorf Ketal established Trentar to concentrate on the new-age technologies like drone-based services and software, artificial intelligence, robotics, etc.


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