The Latest Products Available In The SMT Dispensing And Coating Market


SMT dispensing products have the potential to process a vast variety of chemistries that comprise viscous or abrasive materials, irrespective of slight changes in these materials due  to atmospheric conditions. These dispensing, coating and curing systems are ideal for  selective coating, potting, beading, and meter-mix dispensing applications. Apart from that, they are also suitable for batch or inline operations, and are designed for high accuracy and demanding applications.

PCBs require a range of equipment for diverse procedures such as dispensing, coating and curing. All these processes go on simultaneously, especially in batch operations for bulk manufacturing. Technology applications these days require top-notch coating and dispensing products that ensure high accuracy and repeatability.

Some of the latest SMT dispensing and coating machines launched by leading companies are listed below.

Model: Camalot Prodigy; Manufacturer: ITW EAE
Speed, stability, and precision are hallmarks of the Camalot Prodigy automated dispensing systems from ITW EAE, USA. Innovative gantry designs in smaller, more compact footprints enable rapid acceleration for faster throughput, while at the same time providing stability that enables precision for applications ranging from solder paste and under-fill to adhesive dispensing and advanced ‘jetting’ techniques. Camalot systems offer two types of auger pumps, both controlled with a precise servo drive system. The 635SD series is typically used for finer feature dots and lines of highly viscose materials. The 680SD pumps deliver high flow rates and also incorporate a patented positive shutoff that eliminates dripping of lower viscosity materials. For highly abrasive materials, both pump systems offer  more wear-resistant carbide auger screws.

Key features:

  • High-speed and accurate dispensing
  • Large board capability
  • Controlled heating for repeatable processes
  • Plug-and-play architecture
  • Independent dual head
  • Synchronous dual head mode
  • Automatic vision alignment
  • Pipeline conveyor mode
  • Benchmark user interface with FlipChip Calculator software

Contact: Leaptech Corporation,

Model: MyC50; Manufacturer: Mycronic
The MYC50 in-line conformal coating system in the MYSmart series from Mycronic combines high accuracy edge control with advanced feedback systems. A wide range of process parameters can be monitored enabling high quality output. Options such as fan width control, non-heated circulation systems, heated circulation systems and barcode readers are a few examples of the process control enhancements that are possible. The MYC50 helps to prevent material waste while ensuring highly controlled coating film thickness, coating area and process speed.

Key features:

  • Fast and stable operation
  • Spray patterns can be changed on-the-fly, significantly improving process efficiency
  • Flexible multi-axis control enables precise coating of complex PCBs
  • Powerful process controls result in precise coating that consistently meets strict quality guidelines
  • Barcode reader enables automatic program loading and traceability

Contact: TransTechnology,

Model: Panorama; Manufacturer: Nordson ASY MTEK
The Panorama solutions provide a balance of equipment and process control for optimal efficiency in automated conformal coating. They are modular so that configurations are flexible and equipment can be easily added when needed. Process control and automation work together to create efficiency.

They are available in three types—Panorama S-Line, Panorama C-Line and Panorama R-Line.

Key features:

  • A full range of equipment options
  • Minimal operator interaction
  • Closed-loop controls, parameter limits and inspection across the line
  • Process data for improved productivity
  • Stability and consistency at every step


Model: MYD10/ MYD50; Manufacturer: Mycronic
The MYSmart series from Mycronic offers a wide range of in-line dispensing solutions together with a comprehensive portfolio of valve technologies. The compact MYD10 in this series enables highly advanced non-contact jetting for enhanced dispensing uniformity, throughput and material utilisation. For higher-precision applications such as complex chip packaging, the powerful MYD50 system further boosts productivity with linear motor  motion control. The MYSmart in-line dispensing solutions make it possible to handle a vast array of current and emerging products, assembly fluids and package types.

Key features:

  • Unmatched production value
  • Non-contact jetting technology
  • Semi- or full automation
  • Low maintenance and long service life
  • High-precision dispensing volume control

Contact: TransTechnology,

Model: PrecisionCoat V with AQC; Manufacturer: Specialty Coating Systems
The PrecisionCoat V selective conformal coating and dispensing system is fully programmable. It is a multipurpose system that offers good programming for efficiency in automated material applications. It allows users to precisely apply a wide range of  materials, including 100 per cent solids, as well as solvent based and water based coatings.


Key features:

  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Automatic quick change (AQC) allows for five separate tools within a single machine
  • Five axes programmable tilt and rotate
  • Windows based software control with user-friendly interface
  • Ease of programming
  • SCS designed valves
  • Safety interlocks
  • Equipped with a range of optional features, such as fiducial recognition, needle calibration, laser-height mapping, etc

Indian distributor: iNETest Technologies India Pvt Ltd

Model: Vortik; Manufacturer: Nordson ASY MTEK
The Vortik series of pumps incorporates progressive cavity pump technology in a fully integrated dispensing system solution, complete with process controls for mass flow
control and a patent-pending Automated Ratio Control (ARC) system for mixing two-component fluids. Three pump families in the Vortik series—VPs, VPm, and VPg— are based upon general volume ranges, and each includes models for dispensing one-component (1K) and twocomponent (2K) fluids. In addition, changes in speed or volumetric output are logged, providing good traceability.Key features:

  • VPs pumps come with a flow rate of 0.2 microlitres per second, and delivers the smallest depositions of 1- and 2-component fluids
  • The VPm and VPg pumps dispense volumes from 2 to 400 microlitres/second for  applications in electronics package assembly and automotive electronics
  • Dispensing is faster during production because no fluid refill cycle is needed




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