Telecom Secretary Urges For A Robust Startup Ecosystem


Maintaining global yardsticks will be a key challenge that startup will face in the future.

At a recent industry meet Aruna Sundararajan, India’s telecom secretary stated that the administration plays a critical role in building a favorable startup milieu in the country.

According to the speakers at the conclave, such tenacity is essential in the present era that’s seeing great penetration of digital services into the social and economic activities in the country.


Govt agencies must create an ideal start-up milieu
Sundararajan expressed her concern by saying that maintaining global yardsticks will be a key challenge startup will face in the future for they won’t achieve the desired results without the respective governments creating ideal ecosystems.

She called for a system that would ensure integrated implementation of various factors like talent, market, entrepreneurship, industry relations and investment possibilities. She lauded Maker Village, the organiser of the industry meet for doing a notablee service in this area.

She also launched an automated ‘Neera’ tapping machine, developed by NAVA Design and Innovation Pvt Ltd., supported by Maker Village. Commenting on the launch, M Sivasankar, state secretary of the IT department, said the hardware sector needs to overcome its problems regarding materials and design.

The state secretary further commented that Maker Village, in this respect, can utilise the prevailing backbone projects in the sector like Kerala Fibre Optic Network, space tech startup project by ISRO and VSSC and Intel laptop manufacturing project.

Madhavan Nambiar, chairman of Maker Village, said funding is the oxygen that drives the startups. He shared his belief that it is an area which requires urgent attention and work.





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