Switzerland’s Delvitech to Showcase AI-Based Automatic Optical Inspection Systems at India Technology Week

Roberto Gatti, CEO, Delvitech,SA
  • The August edition of India Technology Week (ITW) is scheduled for 26 and 27 August 2020
  • Delvitech noted that through ITW, it is willing to get closer to the Indian and Asian market
Roberto Gatti, CEO, Delvitech,SA

Delvitech will be showcasing its unique AI-based automatic optical inspection systems, D.ONE and Head+, at the August edition of India Technology Week. Also dubbed as Tech World Congress, EFY Group has been hosting India Technology Week, once every month since May 2020.

“ITW is an important opportunity for Delvitech to introduce its brand and technology to the Indian Market. Delvitech is strongly growing up all around the world. New important application engineers as well as very strategic key salesmen have been recently hired to make sure sales and support service are in line with Delvitech’s characteristics,” noted Roberto Gatti, CEO, Delvitech.

He added, “India is a very important market for Delvitech, as the number of Customers approaching this exclusive AI technology is significantly growing up. Due to this great success, Delvitech is expanding its presence in India and ITW is a perfect event to let all the customers know the future plans.”

Opening an office in India

The company informed that it is also in the process of opening an office in India soon. This facility will have a dedicated area for an important demo room where training and benchmarks will take place. Delvitech has recently appointed TV Thomas as head of its Asia operations.

T.V.Thomas, Head-Asia Operations, Delvitech,SA

“Delvitech is willing to get closer to the Indian and Asian market. To do so in the very next months a very important location will be opened in India. This office will be capable to supply sales and support service for India and for the Asian region, nonetheless it will also have manufacturing capabilities. Here Delvitech plans to have at least 20 people involved in production for the manufacturing of the D.ONE systems for the whole Asian area,” noted Gatti.

He added, “In this new facility there will be a dedicated area for an important demo room where training and benchmarks will take place. This plan will bring Delvitech to have a presence of approximately 40 people in between the end of 2020 and the end of 2021 in this location. ITW is great to us to help showing the growth and the commitment of Delvitech towards the Indian market.”

It is to be noted here that Delvitech had also participated in the July edition of India Technology Week.

D.ONE and Head+

D.ONE, as per the company, is a cost-effective post-solder AOI solution that delivers excellent results for improving the product quality and boosting productivity. The D.ONE suite ensures superior accuracy and precision with minimized false calls. Specialized image acquisition and process techniques provide full coverage and analysis of all visible component and solder joint defects including lifted leads, fine- pitch and j-Legs.

The advanced optical head gives the highest performance in resolution, detection, and inspection speed utilizing five digital, high-resolution cameras. The new artificial intelligence-based algorithms apply the most advanced neural network techniques to give the best outcome in the error classification process.

Head+ represents Delvitech first hardware – software upgrade that is ready for global distribution, both on new machines and as an add-on for equipment that is already operating. This unprecedented improvements in AOI, deep learning and neural networks is available as an upgrade for Orbotech and Orpro Vision brand: Vantage, Symbion and Trion machines.

Delvitech will be exhibiting both these machines at the August edition of India Technology Week on 26th and 27th August 2020.


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