SK Hynix Has Invested $55 Million into AI in Manufacturing Startup


SK hynix is the sole investor with initial capital of $55 in million in Gauss Labs through 2022. The group has been promoting various types of AI businesses with its affiliates

SK hynix Inc announced that it has invested in Gauss Labs. The latter, as per the company, was founded to lead manufacturing innovation through industrial AI solutions.

“We should utilize innovative technologies such as AI and digital transformation (DT) to create social value, expand our market, and help our customers pursue happiness. If we fail to utilize innovative technologies, we cannot guarantee the future of SK.” Gauss Labs is the first independent corporation from SK Group specializing in AI,” said Tae-won Chey, Chairman of SK Group at SK Icheon Forum in August last year.

Gauss Labs will start its Korean office later this month right after having established its headquarters in Silicon Valley, U.S. last month. SK hynix is the sole investor of its initial capital of $55 million through 2022.

Semiconductor manufacturing through innovative AI technologies

Gauss Labs initially aims to revolutionize semiconductor manufacturing through innovative AI technologies by utilizing an enormous amount of data generated at SK hynix’s manufacturing sites. Through these technologies, SK hynix plans to make its overall manufacturing operations, including process control, yield prediction, equipment maintenance, defect inspection and fault prevention, more efficient and more intelligent.

It has also named Dr Sunghee Yun from Amazon as its head of R&D. Dr Yun is an AI and optimization expert who has led several high-profile projects in various industries such as semiconductor and e-commerce. Young-Han Kim, a data scientist, who is a tenured professor of the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) and a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), has been appointed CEO of Gauss Labs. Kim recently worked as a Data Research Fellow for SK hynix.

“Gauss Labs is actively seeking the best players in AI. We plan to recruit both in our U.S. headquarters and Korean office, with the goal of growing the company to 200 scientists and engineers by 2025. By working on the right problem at the right moment, I am confident that Gauss Labs will become a world-class industrial AI powerhouse with exceptional talents like Carl Friedrich Gauss,” said Kim.

Gauss Labs plans to expand its business to global customers as well as SK Group affiliates related to energy, bio and other manufacturing industries.


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